Raincity Volleyball Club was established in 2010 and we are now in our 11th season of competition of play and development for our athletes.  The Cloverdale club is a non-profit, volunteer run club that is providing an opportunity for young female athletes to participate in volleyball for both the love of the game and the pursuit of excellence in the sport.  

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How many teams will Rain City Volleyball Club offer in 2018?

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About Us

Rain City VBC is a 501c3 Non-profit organization that was formed to help promote the USAV Junior Volleyball program in the Puget Sound Region.

Raincity Voleyball Club For Kids and Young Adults
Raincity Voleyball Club For Kids and Young Adults

Everything about Raincity Volleyball Club

Our mission at Rain City Volleyball Club is to….

  • Provide training so that athletes, parents and coaches can work together to create a mutually supportive team community.
  • Promote the well-being of the team community which includes athletes, parents and coaches.
  • Provide certified coaches to help athletes develop competitive volleyball skills in a positive environment.
  • Encourage players and parents to grow, by taking responsibility for themselves as well as their team community.
  • Provide a fun rewarding activity to cultivate a love and appreciation of the sport of volleyball.
  • Give athletes the ability to participate in an activity that provides good role models to help them have the desire to live as an example of higher standards among their peers.
  • Provide a place for parents to recognize the hard work and dedication required by their child to achieve their goals.
  • Encourage parents and players to grow in their knowledge and appreciation of volleyball.

 Our Goals at Rain City Volleyball Club are to ….

  • Cultivate appreciation for each individual as well as the team.
  • Have athletes finish the season with a sense of accomplishment, knowing that they have grown and become better in all areas of sports and life.
  • Provide a healthy way to bring athletes, families and coaches together to form a positive team community.
  • About Raincity Volleyball Club


    Raincity Volleyball Club was established in 2010 and we are now in our 11th season of competition of play and development for our athletes.  The Cloverdale club is a non-profit, volunteer run club that is providing an opportunity for young female athletes to participate in volleyball for both the love of the game and the pursuit of excellence in the sport.  

    Philosophy of RainCity

    The Raincity Volleyball Club provides an opportunity for the youth in the Cloverdale and surrounding area to pursue excellence in volleyball, through enjoyment and fun in the sport.  The coaches believe that through the emphasis of both individual and team development this will provide the young athletes with a learning environment that will build not only a strong athlete and club team, but also contribute to the development of school volleyball in the Fraser Valley area.

    Season of Play:

    The season is from January to May with practices 2-3 days a week and there are tournaments or playdays every few weeks. In April their are Regional Playoffs and then Provincial Championships.   

    Some teams may choose to go to Nationals or US tournaments to finish the season and the registration and travel costs are paid for by those individual teams. 

    The club coaches will also be offering all RCVC athletes sessions discussing topics such on mental training, nutrition, fitness and many other topics.

    Objectives of Raincity Volleyball Programs:

    Weekly Practices working on both technical and tactical aspects of the game

    Tournaments and Playdays

    Information Sessions discussing mental training, fitness, prehab, nutrition and hydration 

    Leadership and Social Responsibility

    Teamwork “Hold the Rope” and “We before Me” Philosophy

    Video Analysis of Skills for improvment and self analysis

     Club Fees for 2020-

    are specific for different age groups

    Payment can be in 3 instalments of post-dated cheques for: signing date in Dec, Jan 15 and Feb 15

    9U to 11U Grassroots (Smashball) = up to 36 athletes

    11U to 13U Train to Play = up to 36 athletes

    13U = 1 team

    14U = 2-3 teams

    15U = 2 team

    16U = 1 team

    17U = 1 team

    18U = 1 team

    17/18U = 1 team

    The Raincity Club fees for the 2020 season include the following:

    *VBBC Membership fees (player & team) and Club Registration

    *Equipment, first aid kit, team balls

    *Minimum 2 practices a week

    *Mental Training, Goal-setting/reflection sessions for athletes (done before or after practices)

    *Fitness training available for all Raincity Athletes once a week

    *Tournament Entry Fees- minimum 4 Tournaments or Play days

    *Regionals and Provincials Entry Fees (exception Train to Play / Grassroots finish mid March)

    *Raincity Team Gear (training tees, hoodie or jacket, team socks) 

    *Team and Individual Photo for each player by Steve Lowe

    *Season Organization and Administrative duties

    *Coaches: NCCP certification & VBC Symposium, gear, travel expenses & honorarium 

    *Facility rentals 

“Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible – the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family” – Virginia Satir


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